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Right kind of wrong - Christian Bale
I walk - Diane Kruger
Save me - Diane Kruger
Sunshine - Diane Kruger
The one - Diane Kruger
Maybe - Elisha Cuthbert
Save me - Elisha Cuthbert
Important - Emma Watson
Not easy to be me - Emma Watson
Not easy to be me - Emma Watson
ainīt coming - Kate Beckinsale
broken - Kate Beckinsale
īCause it hurts - Kate Beckinsale
Donīt speak - Kate Beckinsale
fight the tears - Kate Beckinsale
Just feels so right - Kate Beckinsale
loving you - Kate Beckinsale

With you - Kate Beckinsale
Donīt cha wish - Keira Knightley
Dreamer - Kirsten Dunst
Love is reason - Kristin Kreuk
Love someone like me - Kristin Kreuk
Empty street - Maggie Grace
Learn how to fly - Maggie Grace
Move along - Maggie Grace
Shaddow - Maggie Grace
Beside me - Naomi Watts
Lonely Girl - Naomi Watts
The only one - Naomi Watts
Canīt fight - Natalie Portman
Lonely - Natalie Portman
Some Love - Natalie Portman
Be me - Rachel Bilson
Black & White - Rachel Bilson
Know me - Rachel Bilson
Living her own life - Rachel Bilson
easy -Sophia Busch


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